When a family splits up things become complicated. Living situations change, holidays can be a mess, and finances are strained.

This is why we make family law simple. We can walk you through a divorce, facilitate child custody, and establish guardianship if need be.



We do this by taking every factor into consideration before making the next step. Our years of experience in the family law industry helps us identify and address potential hurdles before they become a major problem.


Child Custody

Anytime child are involved, their interests are our top priority. Securing children a the best possible standard of living and ensuring their future success is always paramount.

If a former spouse is denying your right to be involved in your child’s life during or after a divorce, we can help. Whether it’s ensuring the visitation schedule is upheld or granting you full custody, we will fight for your right to be a parent.  



Dealing with a guardianship issue is always an emotionally difficult time. Whether you’re trying to establish legal guardianship or find a suitable guardianship for your children, our hands on and personal approach makes the process as smooth as possible.

We want to be your Tulsa family law attorneys to help you write the next chapter of your life. Our goal when we accept a family law case is to find the most amicable arrangement that allows everyone to move on with their life. The outcome any family law case will impact your life more than you can imagine. Let us make sure it’s a positive impact for you and your family.


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